April showers......

Well all you birdfans out is april 5th...Easter to be exact and a wild and rainy day in Portland....the GrooveBirds are nesting today and working on new music in the shed while the bluejays eat peanuts in our backyard....Hoping…Read more

A month of Hearts

Well my little birdies....I hope that this month of hearts finds you with what and who you all it's many forms. The GrooveBirds have been busy in the studio with 2 more original releases that are being mastered by…Read more

Happy Fall all you birdies.......

Hey BirdFans,
I hope you are getting ready to nest....yes its that time again, another winter approaches and its a good time to start writing and recording new material. We shall be doing just that! Perhaps we will be hitting…Read more

Labor Day Jam

TheGrooveBirds want to thank all our family and friends who showed up last night at the White Eagle Saloon to support our acoustic versions of our original material! We got a chance to showcase 5 of our new tunes before…Read more

songwriter/singers showcase @ The White Eagle

Well BirdFans,
Its almost fall and you know what that means.......pumpkins and GrooveBirds.....yeah you heard it right....Come down to the White Eagle pub on September 1st and support your local birds.....GrooveBirds at the White Eagle at 8pm til 10pm.....I know…Read more

Grooving on a sunday afternoon......

Hey NetWavers...
Hope the days and nights are treating you well and plenty of music and good things are coming your way....we feel the touch fall as we slide towards september and the great pumpkin gets ready to make a…Read more

New Music

The Groove Birds are psyched to announce the completion of two singles recorded by Billy Barnett at Gung-Ho Studio in Eugene, Oregon and mastered by Ryan Foster.  You can check out "Backs of Birds" and "Delila & Samson" right here…Read more

TheGrooveBirds fly......

Hey hope you are having a good one and life is good,  TheGrooveBirds have been busy and soon a couple new tracks from are own stuff will be up to listen too! We have had the good fortune of recording…Read more

Under the rhythm nation......

Hey all you bottom dwellers....ha ha and YOU know who you are....check out our new digs and where we will lay it down and where we get down next....The faces change but the fact remains....TheGrooveBirds are here to lay down…Read more