TheGrooveBirds fly......

Hey hope you are having a good one and life is good,  TheGrooveBirds have been busy and soon a couple new tracks from are own stuff will be up to listen too! We have had the good fortune of recording with GungHo studio's Billy Barnett on a couple of our songs and it has been a fantastic experience....Amazing studio and Billy is a wizard with sound and technique....crazy cool stuff! We also had Jon Edmundson lay down the quitar on one of our tunes and Billy Barnett on the other...WOW! I am one lucky bassist! I also got to play a 1962 fender Pbass while I was there...but don't tell SLINK...hahaha   More to come from  TheGrooveBirds so check us out won't you...we just got finished playing a great gig at Bella Organic Farms with Navigate North and that went darn well too! So the journey continues...we live and learn and play music! Have a great day! TracyJ bassist

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