January in the city💜🦖🦕🦖🦕🦖❤️

A happy hello from the groovebirds camp which has up and moved to upstate New York. It seemed to be the right move both musically and from an economic standpoint for my day job. I have never been a good enough musician to not have a day job so I have learned to juggle both. At times my musical art has suffered because of the all encompassing job I do other than music which is nursing...specifically Operating room nursing but I have done many types of nursing in my long career. I truly am like a dinosaur with my nursing scrubs and a OR hat on! 😝😝💕but truly, balancing two different worlds is always how I have lived my life so no big deal there! We have just released our 5th album with the Groovebirds and I am really glad to still be making music and doing it in whatever form we can.  It has always been about the journey not the destination. Does life imitate art or does art imitate life?  Perhaps a bit of both, having finally made it to 2023 basically unscathed so far. I am happy to report that we keep on keeping on!  Is not this the only option? It seems so to me...after all, the world is so amazing in its beauty and diversity and though we as a species continue to abuse it and the creatures on it with no possible chance of being intelligent enough or cohesive enough to get our shit together, one can always find a small bit of wonder and art in it!  May this year be kind to you and may you always find time to be creative in life...Tracy Coleman...bassist for the Groovebirds💜🧞‍♀️