The road less travelled.....

Hey Bird folk,

Its been a while since I have blogged and I wanted to share a few of the cool roads we have been down.  For most of 2019 (since march, actually) we have been travelling the roads of America and working as grassroots bards and storysingers....We have played for a little, a little less, and sometimes a little more. The point being that in this ever changing world of music it seems to me the important thing is to play....To whomever might listen and if one person digs your tunes that is one person we are happy to meet. We have been from Portland, Oregon to Portland, Maine and everywhere in between! We have relocated to the New Mexico mountains so we could travel the distance of coasts easier and live cheaper. One must do what one must do to follow the muse! We have another album coming out soon, and that will make our 3rd.....this is a grassroots effort...and as all bards know. sometimes you are lucky to get fed.....we have played to everyone we can...we play music because we believe it makes the world a better place and sound is the universal language...I hope where ever you are and whatever you do you will take the time to listen to music....Go out and see live music, find new music to listen to, give the up and coming artists of all types a chance to warble their words and song to you...It is my hope that music will fly across the world and unite us more than any other medium...if it is played for reasons of the heart...I have always been a dreamer.....and it is my dream that people will wake up and realize that it is not about what you have or what you look like. Young or old, whatever color you are, we are all more the same than we are different on this boat called Earth...with love and respect....Tracy J 

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