on the road again.....

Hey Birdfans,  we hope your Memorial day weekend is going well! We are on tour throughout the USA as a duo at present and it has been great meeting new people and playing some cool little venues along the way! We've written alot of new music and when the tour ends in august we are going back in the studio to record and put out another cd. Please check out our schedule if you wish and come say hello! It has been really interesting as we travel along to see the beautiful sights and meet interesting people. We feel it is an honor to play music and a gift to share with others as we pursue our craft. In this day and age it is a work of love and hard labor on a grassroots level. We hope your summer goes well and you find time to go out and listen to some local music in your area. Support live music, it makes the heart sing and does wonders for your head. Keep the fires burning and remember....we are all much more the same than we are different on this little boat in the universe called EARTH.  Love and Respect.....Tracy J

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