2020💩what a year.....

Dear Birdfans,

Been a mighty crazy year, what with the Rona on the scene and the election craziness, the social unrest, not to mention the emotional, mental and physical distress many people have been under...Not only is the planet changing quickly, but in the next decade I believe we are going to see many changes to the fabric of our lives...Music in it's organic live form has taken a big hit and the music business in general has changed....I am hopeful everything will be ok and we will ride the storm of change out...I have lived long enough to see it come and go and still continue in some type of form....People that love and care for music in it's many forms will still be there and the art and beauty of creation comes from within your heart and radiates outward....stay the path though at times it may be dimly lit...this too shall change...at least that is what I hope will come to be....with respect and love...Tracy J Bassist for the Groovebirds🌞🧞‍♀️

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