2018....more music please....

Happy 2018 and i hope this year finds you well, many a journey has been travelled since I last blogged.... haha well things happen, we have done at least 2 tours and recorded another album in 2017 since we spoke... and played as many gigs as we can.... we have been up and down and all around and still we search for sound.... I have always felt it is an honor and priviledge to play music and that will never change... even though it is a tougher market than it ever was for new music artists.... the corporations have taken over and life is moving ever faster than most people even want to realize still one must fight the good fight.... it is the time of the independant artist and one must work hard to survive in this crazy world... keep the faith comrades! Play music... pay it forward and never give up....kindness and compassion never go out of style.... until we meet again...?? Tracy J bassist

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