Bird is the word, Hey we are The Groovebirds...we play as a rhythm section; we also do our own thing.  We hope that you will take a listen to our original alternative-soft rock music!
Music has the ability to take you on a journey...to change your perception of the world around you, it comes from the heart to the head and wraps itself around you...close your eyes...listen...let your bird fly free...


Portland Radio Project

The Groovebirds are thrilled to have found a home on the Portland Radio Project's current rotation!  Tune in to 99.1 FM or prp.fm around the clock to hear "I Don't Think So," "Another Time," and "Where Do You Go Now?" from The Groovebirds "Time It Takes" album; and also "Time Waits For No One" from "Looking In From The Outside."     

"Time It Takes"

The Groovebirds' latest album, "Time It Takes," is currently available to preview and purchase online at http://thegroovebirds.com/store and http://groovebirdsmusic.com, or through CD Baby, Bandcamp and most other online music outlet services.  
Check it out and get yours today!    

Old News

2017 Banks Radio Australia Indie Music Awards

The Groovebirds would like to say thank you and extend our deep gratitude to Banks Radio Australia for choosing "Where Do You Go Now?" from our "Time It Takes" album as best Contemporary Single of 2017!  We are thrilled and honored to have been included in the list of fantastic artists recognized for their work at http://www.banksradio.com/2017-bra-winners by this cutting-edge, solid supporter of new music.  

2018 Snowbirds Tour

After taking most of November and December off to work on side projects and the next album, The Groovebirds are heading south through Southern Oregon, California and Arizona in mid January.  Upcoming shows are listed at https://thegroovebirds.com/upcoming-shows-past-performances .      

Live From New York . . .

The Groovebirds rhythm section will be playing some shows as a duo this month before hitting the road for Lava Hot Springs and Park City, Utah; then its back to Portland for a Monday night show with Phil Carroll at The Analog.  We'll be opening the show for "Moonwalker" (all the way from New York) and "The Welkin Dim."  You can get tickets for the 9/25 show at the door (6pm), or save money by getting them in advance  CLICK HERE FOR TICKETS LINK   In the meantime, you can preview both of these bands at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dg6ALYPKSRw&feature=youtu.be and http://thewelkindim.com/releases/

Alvarez Kings

On July 18th, The Groovebirds opened for a fantastic band from the U.K., "Alvarez Kings." The show was part of their summer tour of the USA, and it was packed with a lot of great music from the band's debut album, "Somewhere Between."  The disc (on SIRE Records) is every bit as good as the band's live performance, which topped off an evening of great music and performances by Jon Dunne, The Groovebirds, Hampton, and Onward & Etc.  
The Groovebirds would also like to thank everyone at FATA Booking Agency Inc. for extending the invitation to another great show!          
Hope you're having a great summer, and that you have the opportunity to see Alvarez Kings when they return to Portland in the fall . . .

Alvarez Kings

Thank You!

The Groovebirds would like to thank everyone who has checked out and purchased the "Looking In From The Outside" CD, now in its 2nd pressing! 
The band has received positive reviews from listeners around the world who have heard the tracks on internet radio and online music sites.  Even if it hasn't been everyone's "cup of tea," the consensus so far is that "Looking In From The Outside" is a good CD. 
And why wouldn't it be?  It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Bill Barnett, Stephan Bayley and Ryan Foster; three of the most skilled engineers and sound tweekers in the business!  The disc also features guest appearances from two of Portland's premier guitarists (Chad McAllister and Jon Edmondson) and includes vocal and acoustic guitar work by Christine McAllister from Bees In A Bottle.    
If you haven't had the opportunity to check out "Looking In From The Outside" for yourself, its available online through iTunes, Spotify and Amazon.com. You can support the band's efforts by purchasing or downloading the CD online at http://thegroovebirds.com, https://groovebirds.bandcamp.com, or http://cdbaby.com/cd/thegroovebirds.  Physical copies featuring photos by Paul Brown are also available through these websites, or at Everyday Music and Music Millennium in Portland, Oregon.       
The Groovebirds are eternally grateful to Shane Ramsay of Portland Metro Records, who has continued to play the band's early releases and more recent stuff on his internet radio station.  Tune in to portlandmetrorecords.com (especially around 8pm Mondays through Fridays) to support his efforts to keep bringing the latest new releases from Pacific Northwest artists to music lovers in the Portland/Metro area.  Likewise, The Groovebirds appreciate the local pre-release support "Looking In From The Outside" received last year from Vinnie Talbut and Josephine Elle at KMHD2 Dream River Radio "The New Mainstream," and the band is humbled by the regional recognition that the CD gained courtesy of Dennis Plant at KPOV High Desert Radio in Bend.  You'll definitely want to check out kpov.org; the only station (that I'm aware of) to air "Strange" from the CD during prime time! 
The Groovebirds would also like to send a shout out to the "Soul Invitation" and "Eve Loves Indies" programs on Indie Music People Internet Radio to thank them both for checking out the music and for all of the kind words.    
Rumor also has it that "Looking In From The Outside" found its way in digital form to internet stations in the United Kingdom and Australia; most notably Banks Radio Australia, and Peter Hatton's "Big Fat Indie Show," which you can find at northernquarterradio.co.uk and banksradioaustralia.com
Again, thanks for checking it out. 

Looking In From The Outside

The Groovebirds "Looking In From The Outside" CD is now available for $7 on this site, at CD Baby (http://cdbaby.com/cd/thegroovebirds) or at Bandcamp (https://groovebirds/bandcamp.com).  The new CD includes six tracks from the "Singles" CD, and two additional tracks recorded at Gung-Ho studio in 2016.  The new songs, "Strange," and "Dry As A Bone," were recorded and mixed by Bill Barnett and mastered by Ryan Foster; and also feature performances by keyboardist Phil Carroll, and guest appearances by Chad & Christine McAllister (Bees In A Bottle).  As always, you can listen for free and purchase individual tracks at http://thegroovebirds.com/music.             

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2018....more music please.... 

Happy 2018 and i hope this year finds you well, many a journey has been travelled since I last blogged.... haha well things happen, we have done at least 2 tours and recorded another album in 2017 since we spoke... and played as many gigs as we can.... we have been up and down and all around and still we search for sound.... I have always felt it is an honor and priviledge to play music and that will never change... even though it is a tougher market than it ever was for new music artists.... the corporations have taken over and life is moving ever faster than most people even want to realize still one must fight the good fight.... it is the time of the independant artist and one must work hard to survive in this crazy world... keep the faith comrades! Play music... pay it forward and never give up....kindness and compassion never go out of style.... until we meet again...💜🐦 Tracy J bassist

WinterDaze are upon us..... 

Well little birds...the elections are over, the day's are getting colder and it is indeed a good time to nest! The Groovebirds are busy working on their next studio album and as time permits, we fly south to Gung Ho Studio in Eugene and work with the talented production engineer Billy Barnett....we expect to release our next CD in January if all goes well...quite exciting for this bird! Life is indeed what you make it and so I urge you to make it good...I also urge you to treat each other with kindness and compassion as well as respect the earth upon which we all stand....I look forward to seeing you at one of our shows and remember to KEEP IT REAL AND LET YOUR BIRD FLY FREE.... thanks for listening.....much respect....Tracy Jay-bassist for the Groovebirds

🎃🎃Happy October🎃🎃 ❤️🐦 

Happy fall to all our birdfans❤️🐦
Ahhh fall is in the air and the birds are all flying south.... well we will be sticking in Ptown for the moment and getting prepared to head back to the studio to record our next CD🌞
Super awesome! We are stoked! I hope this fall finds you all happy and healthy and enjoying the road of life....We also want to thank all the great musicians we have had the 
fortune of playing with lately and we are looking forward to playing with in the future💜
May music fill your life and bring you joy❤️🐦

Those lazy hazy summer daze....... 

Hey Birdies.....
It's summer and the living is all about music......and the feeling it brings, both to play and to listen...Music is therapy both for the musician and the listener... it allows you take a journey.....and what a journey is the path of music. I feel lucky to be able to participate! The GrooveBirds finished their first CD and are working on their second as well as playing rhythm for a talented duo by the name of Bees in a Bottle......and let me tell you they ARE talented and unique.....check them out!!!!!
We look forward to a great summer and you can catch us playing around Portland, Seattle and surrounding area's.....
May your summer be happy and you take the time to listen to the birds sing.....❤️🐦❤️🐦

❤️💙💚💛💜🌹🌹🌹Happy Valentines Day Birdfans😜  

Well Birdfans,
We wish you
 a good month of hearts! We have been playing as much as we can and enjoying every minute🌞our 1st CD is due for release this spring and many a fine musician has played upon it🎶🎶🎶 how cool is that!!! we are looking forward to a great summer and hope to see you out&about! Keep music in your life, and you will always have a cheerful heart❤️
The GrOOveBirDs wish you the best and look forward to flying your way!

November is flying by....... 

Hey Birdfans,
yes it's true...November is almost over....where does time go to? Well one thing is for certain, it waits for no one!
The Groovebirds have been busy getting new tracks out and there are more to come! We are playing locally wherever original tunes are
in....so many great sounds in PDX and so many great musicians! It is always a pleasure to play with other people and get original tunes out
on the netwaves! Check out the sound coming from many great local internet radio stations as well.... here is hoping that your fall is a good one and
you get out and check out some great music live when you get a chance! In the meantime.....fly free and have a great rest of the month

Montana sucks . . . NOT!  

Sorry Jeremy, but I just can't do it.  I know you told us to tell everybody that Montana sucks, but after driving through the state on our way to our gig at the Railyard in Billings; we can't think of a thing that sucks about Montana.  You're going to have to face the fact that people will discover its beauty; and they will come.  Sorry.  

summertime and the living is grooving...... 

Hey BirdFans,
Here's an update on what has been happening with the GrooveBirds, we have been busy in the studio laying down a few more tracks on our CD and playing gigs where we can! Our original music has been well received and has had local radio play as well as the interest of the public! YEAH HOO! We are going on tour in late september and will hit the states of idaho,wyoming,montana,colorado and arizona wilth our tunes and we are looking forward to that tour....we appreciate your support and thank you for listening to music with a message! Bird is the word!

April showers...... 

Well all you birdfans out there....today is april 5th...Easter to be exact and a wild and rainy day in Portland....the GrooveBirds are nesting today and working on new music in the shed while the bluejays eat peanuts in our backyard....Hoping all is good for you and life has treated you with kindness and compassion.....pay if forward my birdies....life is what you make it...We have new music out again and are in the process of putting our CD together for release this fall.....we are playing rhythm for Navigate North at the end of every month at Saturday Market and Rod plays drums in another band as does Tracy J....Bass and Drums Rule! Have a good one and let your Bird fly free......yes......you know you wanna.....

A month of Hearts 

Well my little birdies....I hope that this month of hearts finds you with what and who you love....in all it's many forms. The GrooveBirds have been busy in the studio with 2 more original releases that are being mastered by Ryan Foster and were recorded this time by Stephan Bayley at Way Out West Studio's in Portland, Oregon....We are happy to continue our musical journey and play when and wherever we can.... Thanks to all who have helped us along our path.....YOU are the reason.....May this month of hearts be filled with music and kindness......more to come....