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The Groovebirds are alt/contemporary rock songwriters who have released five albums and one EP since 2015.  The band's published works can be accessed in the menu above, along with some promotional videos and Tracy's blog.       




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The Groovebirds Live . . . A Rare Bird For Now

Since 2019, The Groovebirds have been separated by a considerable distance, and we now reside on opposite sides of the United States.  We're still writing music together and releasing new albums through file sharing, but aside from catching a “Part-Time Birds" duo performance on the east coast, live performances of our music will likely be a “rare bird” indeed, under the circumstances.
We do have some recordings of past live performances hanging around that we might be brave enough to share at some point, however, and we'll also continue to post those cheezy promotional videos by SUM=AMATEUR on this website, and on YOUTUBE.


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