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The Groovebirds are alt/contemporary rock songwriters who have released five albums and one EP since 2015.  The band's published works can be accessed in the menu above, along with some promotional videos and Tracy's blog.       




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The Groovebirds “Possibilities” is a collection of songs written in the alt/contemporary rock style that characterized the band's music prior to the release of “Blues” in 2022.  “Possibilities” is an improvement on the band's previous efforts to navigate the distance between their east and west coast studios through file-sharing, and includes studio versions of the songs featured in their last live performances.  The album also includes significant musical contributions from Phil Carroll, and a guest appearance by Bees In A Bottle guitarist, Chad McAllister.    

The “Blues” Album . . . 

“Blues” was a departure from the first three (relatively expensive) albums that The Groovebirds recorded in professional studios and promoted through radio and live performances.  The “Blues” album is a file-sharing project recorded in two studios 1400 miles apart, with fewer expectations and promotional objectives due to the physical distance between the band's members since 2019, and changes in the music industry that have rendered traditional methods of promotion and recouping costs ineffective at the band's level.  
“Blues” actually began as a home-studio experiment with two cover songs, and an original composition that was part of the band's repetoire when we played the Portland Saturday Market as "Navigate North" in 2015.  These recordings were combined with two more blues/rock pieces written by Tracy Coleman, and three additional contributions from Phil Carroll to round out the album project.  The “Blues” title (and CD artwork featuring an irreverent crow defecating on a globe) served as both a description of the album's content, and another nostalgic tongue-in-cheek nod toward the Portland, Oregon blues scene, similar to our “Looking In From The Outside” album photos. 
“Blues” has received positive feedback from a handful of podcasts and radio programs featuring blues/rock that were made aware of the album, but other radio stations that added our earlier releases to their rotations have been slower to include selections from “Blues."  Recently, however, the “Blues” album has received the attention of a small, but prolific record label and e-zine in Europe . . . more TBA!       

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