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The Groovebirds began as a rhythm section in Portland, Oregon in 2014.  Since then, we've toured the US and relocated to New Mexico; but our primary focus is creating the lyric-based Alternative Soft Rock you'll find in our published discography under "studio albums" above.  We've been fortunate enough to release three albums and to share the stage with some impressive acts; and although the future of live performances and the crumbling music industry is a bit uncertain, The Groovebirds look forward to writing and releasing more music soon!    

Our website also serves as a conduit by which we introduce ourselves to, and communicate with (new and old) friends and business acquaintances.  Relevant items include a calendar of upcoming live performances, and links to promotional articles and press kits.          




To The North!

Been There, Done That . . . Got The T-Shirt?

The Groovebirds classic antique cherry red logo T-shirts are now available for $10 each, or free (while supplies last) with the purchase of a 3-CD package deal through Groovebirds Music at https://groovebirdsmusic.com/a-few-things-musical-buy-links .      

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