Bird is the word, Hey, we are The Groovebirds...  We hope you will take a listen to our original alternative-soft rock music!
Music has the ability to take you on a journey...to change your perception of the world around you, it comes from the heart to the head and wraps itself around you...close your eyes...listen...let your bird fly free...


The Groovebirds & Groovebirds Music have moved our base camp to Raton New Mexico!  
The new, more central location just below the Colorado/New Mexico border brings us closer to venues and new faces that we visited during our recent US tour, and keeps us within a few days of our favorite places in the rockies and the west coast.  See https://thegroovebirds.com/calendar and bandsintown.com for updated lists of upcoming performances!        

Old News

From The Road in 2019

We've seen a lot of new places and faces this summer, and our inventory of "Looking In From The Outside" and "Time It Takes" CDs is slowly disappearing.  But there are more where those came from, and you can find it all on Spotify!  Just go to the top of our home page at https://thegroovebirds.com and click on the "follow" icon.  

"Time It Takes"

The Groovebirds' latest album, "Time It Takes," is currently available to preview and purchase online at http://thegroovebirds.com/store and http://groovebirdsmusic.com, or through CD Baby, Bandcamp and most other online music outlet services.  
Check it out and get yours today!    

2017 Banks Radio Australia Indie Music Awards

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